Dental Therapists

At Smile Style Dental, we have found that the earlier we see children, the better chance we have to educate and prevent problems occurring. For this reason we advise parents to introduce their child to professional dental care from a young age. These early appointments may involve simply sitting on a parent’s lap in our dental chair or having their own baby teeth counted and polished with a soft brush.

Although baby (or primary) teeth are only present during early childhood years, they play an important role in the development of your child’s smile and long term oral health.
We at Smile Style are acutely aware that early childhood experiences have a profound effect on future adult dental behaviours. Our aim is to introduce a positive dental experience to our young patients in a fun way, so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and special.

This process of familiarisation allows your child to grow with little or no anxiety about the benefits of preventative dental care.
Having a bad experience at the dentist at a young age often results in a fear of dental care in later years. If your child is already anxious; patience, time and the soft approach of our experienced team are the solution.

At Smile Style Dental we are very fortunate to have Oral Health Therapists working alongside the Dentists. The greatest passion of our resident therapists, is caring for children and their oral health. Utilising the latest advances in dentistry – including digital radiographs and a Diagnocam, we cater for all children’s dental needs and requirements.
We believe that children become part of a cavity-free generation by taking pride in their healthy smile and responsibility for their oral hygiene early on. We know that a healthy diet and good oral care are essential for a healthy lifestyle and our aim is to promote this.

That is why at Smile Style, we offer complimentary examinations and cleans to all children 5 years and under.

To discover more about the dental care designed for children we offer at Smile Style Dental, or to arrange an appointment, please contact us.