The Diagnocam uses ultra-red radiation-free trans-illumination to painlessly pass a light through your tooth, allowing the clinician to examine the tooth for decay, cracks, defective filling margins, and stained fissures. The Diagnocam is used as a supplementary diagnostic device, and is particularly useful for those patients who wish to avoid having X-rays taken, including young children and pregnant women.
During its use, a magnified image of the tooth can be seen, and this can be captured and stored for discussion with the patient, as well as future assessment or comparison.

The Diagnocam is highly accurate at detecting decay between teeth, allowing the clinician to determine the appropriate management, which depends on the depth of the decay. It can also detect decay hidden under existing fillings, as well as showing the cracks in teeth that occur due to nocturnal grinding.

Please ask us about having the Diagnocam used on your teeth for the latest in cavity detection, and ultimate peace of mind.