Orthodontic Assessment

Orthodontics can be done at any age including adulthood, but it is much easier when children are young. So as not to miss the opportunity to begin treatment at the ideal time, the earlier we see your child the better.

It is proven that early intervention can dramatically reduce the need for braces.

This can result in a simplified and shortened treatment.

You may know somebody who has had braces and now has straight teeth, but their face does not look balanced when they smile.

This may be because extractions were performed towards the front of their mouth, giving them a narrow smile.

Using our Brace Free technique, we often avoid the extraction of healthy adult teeth. Our treatment aims for harmony between the teeth, jaws and face, which leads to a fantastic smile. This is achieved, in most cases, by expansion and correction of the upper and lower arches using removable appliances.

If you are interested in considering an alternative to braces, contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATION to see if ‘BRACE FREE ORTHODONTICS’ is right for you.