Orthodontics can be done at any age including during adulthood, but it is often much easier when children are young. So as not to miss the opportunity to begin treatment at the right time, the earlier we see your child the better, preferably before the age of 7 years. This allows us to pick up any problems that may be impacting on your child’s dental development and facial growth, and often involves referral to allied health professionals such our speech pathologist or ENT surgeon for an assessment.

At Smile Style Dental, we believe that early orthodontic intervention can reduce the need for braces, or at the very least, make braces treatment simpler, faster and less costly, due to the adult teeth being in better alignment following the early intervention treatment.

Using our early intervention technique, we can usually avoid the extraction of healthy adult teeth that often accompanies the use of traditional braces. Extraction of teeth can result in a narrower smile, as the teeth are retracted backwards into the excess space that is created by the extractions. Our treatment aims to increase space in the arches, thereby improving the balance and aesthetic harmony between the teeth, jaws and face. This typically leads to a broader and more attractive smile, and is achieved, in most cases, by expansion of the upper and lower arches using removable orthodontic appliances.

If you are interested in considering an alternative to braces, or are keen to start your child’s orthodontic treatment before they start high school, contact us for an ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATION.

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