At Smile Style Dental, we believe that visiting the dentist from an early age allows children to build the confidence to tolerate dental treatment, and to become responsible for their own dental health into adulthood.

When a child is seen at a young age, it gives us the chance to educate them about the importance of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene habits, and these measures often prevent future dental problems from occurring. For this reason, we recommend parents introduce their child to professional dental care from as young as 12 months of age. These appointments may involve simply sitting on a parent’s lap in our dental chair or having the baby teeth counted and polished with a soft brush.

Although the baby (or primary) teeth are only present during childhood, they play an important role in the development of your child’s smile and long-term oral health. Early loss of baby teeth due to tooth decay can lead to teeth shifting and crowding, thereby increasing the need for future orthodontic treatment.

Our aim is to introduce a positive dental experience to our young patients in a fun way, so they feel safe, comfortable and special. This gentle process of familiarisation allows your child to visit us with minimal anxiety, and will help your child develop a good understanding about the benefits of preventative dental care.

At Smile Style Dental we are very fortunate to have two passionate and dedicated Oral Health Therapists (OHTs), who will build rapport and trust with your child. They utilise the latest advances in dentistry, including low-radiation digital radiographs and the minimally invasive air abrasion technique, to help optimize the oral health of your child.

At Smile Style Dental, we charge no gap for an examination and clean to all children 5 years and under*

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